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In May 1993, the voters of Vermilion Parish approved the establishment of an Enhanced 911 system.  The Police Jury researched a number of existing 911 systems and established an enhanced 911 system to serve our Parish. After a lengthy project, which involved the planning, addressing and thorough testing of communications equipment, the system went online September 3, 1996.

The 911 Center is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with two dispatchers on duty at all times.  The 911 service allows citizens to dial “911” for any emergency situation and the 911 center will direct your call to the proper agency.  Law enforcement and Medical calls are directed to the responding agencies (VPSO, local Police Departments and Acadian Ambulance). For fire and medical calls the District serves as dispatch for 11 of the parishes 16 fire departments. The Fire Departments play a crucial role in medical emergencies as they provide first response until the ambulance arrives on scene.

The 911 center averages about 2000 calls per month.  Improvements made by the Communication District in the last 5 years include the following:  Implementation of Phase I for the identification of the wireless caller’s phone numbers, Upgrading of the parishes Fire Communications as well as the addition of an All Talk parish channel to provide for interoperability between departments during a major/minor incident.  The District is continually looking at ways to enhance its service, one major project currently being studied is the implementation of Phase II for wireless callers.  Phase II will allow the 911 dispatcher to see the location you are calling from.  This would be helpful in the event you have an emergency and are unable to speak. Currently with Phase I, the only information the dispatcher gets besides what the caller tells them is the caller’s phone number.

Any information regarding the 911 system can be obtained by contacting the administrative office at 898-4350.

To apply for a 911 physical address in an unincorporated area of Vermilion Parish contact the 911 business office at 898-4350.

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