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Office Hours: Mon-Fri; 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Phone: 337-898-4308    Fax: 337-898-4309

The Vermilion Parish Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness (VPOHSEP) is continually working to prepare for potential disasters, which could impact Vermilion Parish, natural or man-made. 

Rebecca Broussard
Rebecca Broussard


To plan and prepare practicable response programs for the protection of life and property in the event of disasters.  During disaster situations, to take immediate effective action to direct, mobilize, coordinate and determine utilization of local resources to support political subdivisions in the conduct of disaster operations to save lives, protect property, relieve human suffering, sustain survivors and repair essential facilities.  To coordinate, direct restoration and recovery operations in the disaster area.  To insure that each Parish Board & Municipal Departments will plan and provide for an emergency operations capability which conforms in principle to the guidelines and directions of the Vermilion Parish Emergency Operations Plan.


This office is responsible for planning for all types of disaster events, emergency operations during the disaster and any mitigation after the event.  The Vermilion Parish Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness is also responsible for coordination all Parish and Municipal agencies in an emergency response situations.  The VPOHSEP educates these agencies prior to the emergency situation, notifies them of impending or emergency situations and coordinates the necessary activities during and after an event.  In such preparation, the VPOHSEP will identify any emergency response areas which the local agencies are not equipped to handle and establish contingency plans to use third parties in these situations.  The Vermilion Parish Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness has available Hurricane Tracking Charts and Louisiana Storm Survival Guides.

Information and Brochures

The following disaster planning information and brochures are available from the American Red Cross:

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