Who do I contact for information on an upcoming storm?

Safe shelters are available outside the risk area to those who need them.  These shelters may be operated by local and state governments, the Red Cross, and other similar organizations.  No matter which one you may use, rulse for using them safely and courteously will most likely be the same.

How to prepare:

  • Make sure shelter is outside the storm risk area.
  • Leave early because travel will be slow and be ready to use alternative routes to your destination in case primary routes become congested.
  • Pack what you need - and only what you need. Shelters will not have space available to items. Limit packing to necessities only.
  • Make sure you have enough food, water, first aid, batters and other stored supplies to last your entire family for a three-day stay.
  • Let family members and friends know where you are staying.
  • Be sure your vehicle is filled with gas and is in good operating condition.
  • Make other arrangements for pets and livestock. Most shelters won't accept them.

What to do when you arrive:

  • Register at the shelter as soon as you arrive.
  • Find a safe place that is as private as possible for your family to use as a home base.
  • Help each family member locate restrooms and exits.
  • Cooperate and work with others. Treat staff, volunteers, and other sheltering families with kindness, patience, and compassion.
  • Follow shelter guidelines and rules at all times and make sure your children understand the rules as well.
  • Report inappropriate behavior to shelter staff immediately.


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