The 911 Office would like to remind citizens the importance of posting their address numbers on their homes. When emergencies occur, its sometimes very difficult for first responders to locate your residence if your address is not in a visible location.

The Vermilion Parish Police Jury has an ordinance pertaining to the unincorporated area of the parish that requires citizens to display their street address numbers in the following manner, “Every Building and/or structure within the unincorporated areas of the parish shall display its street address number upon the front of the structure facing the street which corresponds to its street address number. Buildings or structures where the display numbers on the structure would not be visible from the road shall post reflective numbers mounted on the mailbox or put close to the driveway of the structure. The numbers must not be less than three (3) inches high and be clearly visible from the street.” The city of Abbeville has a similar ordinance.

Even if you don’t live in the areas that have adopted ordinances requiring you to post your address numbers in a visible spot, you should consider doing so.  Several parish Fire Departments make address signs upon request for a minimal fee.

Listed below are the fire departments that make the address signs along with their contact information.

Abbeville Fire – 898-4258
Erath Fire – 937-8176
Indian Bayou Fire – 643-6846
LeBlanc Fire – 937-5821
Maurice Fire – 893-6406
Meaux-Nunez Fire – [email protected]  (leave name, phone number, and address)









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