The following ordinances were adopted and approved by the Vermilion Parish Police Jury. Ordinances are listed by the year they were adopted. Amendments to ordinances are listed by the original ordinance year. Scroll down ordinances to view amendments list.

Ordinances and amendments are available in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view documents. For a free download of Adobe Reader, visit www.adobe.com.


2008-O-01 Speed limit 25 mph Alice Road
2008-O-02 Speed limit 35 mph Bill Searle Road
2008-O-03 Speed limit 15 mph Adabie Oaks Subdivision
2008-O-04 Speed limit 35 mph Nanson Road
2008-O-05 Speed limit 35 mph Waldo Road
2008-O-06 Speed limit 35 mph Prejean Road
2008-O-07 Speed limit 15 mph Lougnon Addition
2008-O-08 Speed limit 35 mph Fusilier Road
2008-O-09 Speed limit 35 mph Dudley Road
2008-O-10 Blighted Properties
2008-O-11 Speed limit 45 mph Mahogany Road
2008-O-13 Speed limit 25 mph Lull Road
2008-O-14 Speed limit 35 mph/Watch for children Avid Road
2008-O-15 Speed limit 35 mph Riceville Road
2008-O-16 Speed limit 35 mph Saul Road
2008-O-17 Hurricane Flood Protection & Drainage District
2008-O-18 Regulating Traffic on Parish Roads in Unincorporated Areas
2008-O-19 No Wake Zone Herbert's and Toups Landing
2008-O-20 Speed limit 25 mph Evelyn Drive
2008-O-21 Regulating Operation of Borrow Pits
2008-O-22 No Dumping Signs East Magnolia Street
2008-O-23 No Wake Zone
2008-O-24 Speed Limit 35 mph Cheneau Road
2008-O-25 Speed Limit 35 mph Gallet Road
2008-O-26 Speed Limit 35 mph Sagrera Road
2008-O-27 Speed Limit 35 mph Eddie Road
2008-O-28 Establish Juror Compensation
2008-O-29 Speed Limit 25 mph & Watch for Children Signs Family Circle Road
2008-O-30 No Dumping Sign - Napoleon
2008-O-31 Regulating Cemeteries & Mausoleums in Unincorporated Areas
2008-O-32 No Dumping Signs - Alphonse & Meaux Lane
2008-O-33 No Dumping Signs - Lawrence Road
2008-O-34 Speed Limit 35 mph Zaunbrecher Road
2008-O-35 No Dumping Signs - Baudoin Road
2008-O-36 Livestock Roaming at Large
2008-O-37 Regulating Animal Control
2008-O-38 Appropriation Budget Ordinance
2008-O-39 Establish Election Precinct Boundaries
2008-O-40 Regulating Design & Placement of Mailboxes in Parish Rights-Of-Way


Amendment # To Ordinance Amended Date
Amendment 1 Ordinance 2008-O-10 January 5, 2009
Amendment 2 Ordinance 2008-O-10 January 20, 2009
Amendment 1 Ordinance 2008-O-19 October 20, 2008
Amendment 1 Ordinance 2008-O-23  


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