The following resolutions were adopted by the Vermilion Parish Police Jury. Resolutions are listed by the year they were adopted. Resolutions are available in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view documents. For a free download of Adobe Reader, visit


For a complete listing of resolutions by number and description, click here.

2008-R-01 Water Revenue Bonds - Waterworks District No. 1
2008-R-02 Revenue Anticipation Notes - Hospital Service District No. 2
2008-R-03 Revenue Anticipation Notes - Hospital Service District No. 2
2008-R-04 February 9, 2008 Millage Elections
2008-R-05 Louisiana Chenier Plain, Regions 3B and 4
2008-R-06 Support of Parish Transportation Fund No. 2
2008-R-07 Raising severance tax base under State Disbursement Structure of Oil and Gas Severance Taxes
2008-R-08 Authorizing employees/officials to sign request for payment forms for LCDBG program
2008-R-09 Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement with Iberia Parish Council for Improvements to Railroad Street, Delcambre
2008-R-10 Support Tim Creswell CPRA
2008-R-11 Resolution Requesting LA DOTD Overlay LA Hwy 330
2008-R-13 Resolution-Sign Lease Agreement with A Choate re 7th Ward
2008-R-14 Authorize President to sign documents for Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program
2008-R-15 Intention to create a new fire protection district
2008-R-16 Requesting the Legislative Delegation to fund a study for zoning
2008-R-17 Designate President to sign all docs for F P C Project No 50-J57-07B-05
2008-R-18 Adopt Millage for 2008
2008-R-19 Special Election Sub Road 2 of 2 5 of 2 and Road District 3
2008-R-20 Tax Levy P I Fire District No 16
2008-R-21 Designate President to sign documents
2008-R-22 Act of Private Sale of Adjudicated Property
2008-R-23 Intergovernmental Agreement with VPSB for Henry Fire Station
2008-R-24 Act of Acceptance from Glenn Lege Construction
2008-R-25 Act of Acceptance from Glenn Lege Construction
2008-R-26 Isle Marrone Gravity Drainage District No 1 Special Tax Levy
2008-R-27 Intergovernmental Agreement with Waterworks Dist No 1
2008-R-28 Authorize Right-of-Way to Army Corps of Engineers
2008-R-29 Support Constitutional Amendment No 4 for Nov 4 2008 Election
2008-R-31 Amend VP Long Term Community Recovery Plan
2008-R-32 CDBG Disaster Recovery Program
2008-R-33 ERS Waste Services
2008-R-34 Sub-Road 2 of 2, 5 of 2, and Road District 3
2008-R-35 Emergency Use Permit for Schooner Bayou Restoration
2008-R-36 PI Waterworks District No 3
2008-R-37 Gueydan Drainage District
2008-R-38 Act 19 Line Item Appropriation
2008-R-39 Acceptance from Guinn Brothers re Cedric Road Bridge Replacement