The following resolutions were adopted by the Vermilion Parish Police Jury. Resolutions are listed by the year they were adopted. Resolutions are available in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view documents. For a free download of Adobe Reader, visit


For a complete listing of resolutions by number and description, click here.

2009-R-01 Support T Boone Pickens Energy Independence Plan
2009-R-02 Authorizing Resolution - DOTD
2009-R-03 Support Endorse John Marceaux
2009-R-04 Act of Acceptance - Guinn Brothers - Columbus Road Bridge
2009-R-05 Hospital Service District No. 2
2009-R-06 Pecan Island Fire Protection District No. 16
2009-R-07 supporting Establishment of Team for Coastal Restoration
2009-R-08 Community Water Enrichment
2009-R-09 Certifying that Urgent Need National Objective is Being Met Under CDBG Disaster Recovery Program
2009-R-10 Removing Charlie Field Road from Off-System Bridge Program